Download, install, or reinstall Microsoft Office from the official site on your device. You can use your Microsoft services accounts such as Outlook, Skype, Xbox Live, or others. | Enter Office Product Key | Sign In & download Office Apps

Download, install, or reinstall Microsoft Office from the official site on your device. You can use your Microsoft services accounts such as Outlook, Skype, Xbox Live, or others. Sign in with an MS office account at or create an account. If you are at site, then you’ll be able to download and install MS office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. Read and pursue complete details on this page to learn more about Microsoft office.

Let’s get started from -

Let’s get started from – 

  • Open official site.
  • Log in with Microsoft Account.
  • Enter 25 alphanumeric characters code
  • Download the Office setup from the page
  • Install the complete Microsoft software and get started.

How to create a Microsoft Office account and Sign in with it?

Don’t have an account? If you are new to MS Office, then visit and create an account. Follow the below steps;

  1. Go to from your web browser.
  2. Two options appear, click “Create a new account” and jump next.
  3. will redirect you to the MS office account setup page and enter outlook mail.
  4. Otherwise, choose the “Get a new email address” option, click “Next,” and follow prompts.
  5. Create a strong password, submit details, and confirm all the details from the given email.
  6. Once done, visit and click the “Sign in” tab, then enter the Microsoft account credentials.
  7. Sign in and try Microsoft download, activation, installation, and more or access your favorite apps.   

Where is my Office product key located?

Get your Office product key and redeem it at official. Microsoft Office product key is 25 alphanumeric characters code that helps in activating MS office software. If you purchased the Office key retail card, see the instruction side, look for hidden code, and then submit it on the page. In case of Office key code online purchase from site or Microsoft store, find the code on received order confirmation mail. won’t accept an already used MS Office key; therefore, ensure the code is recently purchased or not used before.

How to download MS office setup on my device?

You can follow the most easier steps from to download the Office setup; however, check whether your device meets MS office requirements. Then follow the below steps;

  1. Firstly, ensure your device is connected to a good internet connection.
  2. Launch the web browser and go to the site.
  3. Choose the “Sign In” tab and wait if detects your MS office account.
  4. Enter Office login credentials in case it fails to detect account details.
  5. Now enter the recently purchased Office key details at the page on the given boxes.
  6. Jump to the Home page and choose the “Install Office” option. If required, select the region or country.
  7. Select your device type, Microsoft Office version, and start the Office download process on the current device.    
  8. Once the Microsoft Office download from is done, double-click to start the installation.

How do I install Office setup on my Windows PC?

Microsoft Office from is compatible with Windows 10 S, Windows 7, and other versions as well. If you have Windows PC and want to install the latest version of MS Office on your computer, follow the below instructions;
Open default web browser or chrome or any other.

  • Then, open the URL.
  • Enter the Office login details and the product key (if not redeemed yet).
  • Open the subscribed products list and choose the Microsoft Office version.
  • Choose the Windows in device type at (generally, it automatically detects).
  • Click “Install Office” and again hit “Install” to start Microsoft office download for Windows.
  • Once downloaded, choose and click RUN, or Setup or Setup File as per browser type.
  • If you don’t get such options from the site, double-click on the Office setup file.
  • Click YES once the User Account Control prompt appears and wait for Office setup installation.
  • If the display shows a “You’re all set!” message, it means you’ve successfully installed the Office setup on a Windows PC. 

How to install MS Office setup on Mac PC?

Install MS office setup from on Mac PC. Make sure you’re any version from the last three Mac versions, and the device meets Microsoft office software requirements, then follow the below steps;   

  1. Visit and sign in with Microsoft account.
  2. If the Office product key isn’t redeemed, submit the 25 digits code here.
  3. Next, open the MS office product version list, and click the “install Office” tab.
  4. If doesn’t detect your device type, then choose Mac OS once asked.
  5. Then, choose “Install” to begin the Office download for mac devices.
  6. Now, open the office setup location that you downloaded from the site.
  7. Double-click on the office setup installer.pkg to begin the installation.
  8. Click Continue, read the software license agreement, and click “Continue” to accept the user agreement.
  9. Browse the location for setup from and click Continue.
  10. See disk space requirements, jump next with the Install option and enter Mac login password once asked.
  11. Hit “Install software” and close once MS Office installation is finished for mac PC.

What are the steps to activate Microsoft Office software?

Follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  1. Open Start Menu or Finder according to the device type.
  2. Find and open MS Word or Excel that you installed from the site.
  3. If the Office product asks to enter a keycode, enter 25 digits code and go next.
  4. Accept the software agreement terms and activate the MS Office software.
  5. Sign in with your Microsoft account you used at the site.

With official site, you can easily access multiple features of Microsoft Office apps; still, if you encounter any issues, contact Microsoft support to receive quick solutions.  

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