New Samsung TVs with HDR10+ Adaptive

This feature will be coming to Samsung’s next QLED TVs.

A new feature, HDR10+ Adaptive is coming to the high-power range standard that will improve TV picture quality dependent on an ambient brightness of your room, Samsung recently announced. Samsung says that this feature will release worldwide with its upcoming QLED TV products.

HDR content is commonly designed to put its best self forward in dark rooms with as little surrounding light as could be expected under the circumstances, however, the new feature guarantees to use your TV’s light sensor so that it can respond to bright conditions or surrounds and accordingly change its picture quality.

Samsung noticed that HDR10+ Adaptive is going to work with Filmmaker Mode, which is a display setting released a year ago that turns off post-processing impacts such as motion smoothing to display content as precisely as possible.

Not only HDR10+ isn’t first or only HDR standard to have presented such a feature. At CES of last year, Dolby also reported Dolby Vision IQ announcement, a new feature for its own HDR standard which promises almost same to advance HDR content for the room where the TV is located. The feature proceeded to show up in select TVs from Panasonic and LG throughout the span of the year and was for the most part generally welcomed in reviews.

If we compare to HDR10+ standard to Dolby Vision, it isn’t exactly as broadly supported streaming services. Though, it also has the support of the world’s greatest TV producer, Samsung and Amazon via its Amazon Prime Video streaming service.  

Samsung says that its QLED TVs that are soon coming, will support HDR10+ Adaptive; however, it’s not clear whether the current TVs by the company will be updated with the new feature.

Additionally, it’s not coincident that these were the two biggest companies who announced the standard over three years ago. Dolby Vision, then, is supported in TVs from producers like Sony and LG, and one can find the standard with content supporting on streaming services such as Disney Plus and Netflix.

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New Samsung TVs with HDR10+ Adaptive
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